Service Highlights

  • Downsize

  • De-Clutter

  • Problem Solve

  • Simplify

Work together with our trained organizers to develop an organizational strategy that meets your budget. We declutter and downsize to target problem areas such as paperwork, boxes of photographs, collections, and storage areas. Benefit from our new offering: The Senior Life Space Simplified Program, offering discounts and special services. A simplified home sells faster. A simplified life means peace of mind.


Throughout our years of service we have helped countless numbers of people during one of the most stressful times of their life. Moving can be difficult and transitioning to senior living can be an emotional and physical struggle. We work with clients and their families to create a simplified and enjoyable moving experience. Every situation is different, and we are here to help you into your new life space!

Our Process



  • Downsize

  • Declutter

  • Problem Solve

  • Simplify

Move Management


  • Full Service

  • Floor Plan

  • Pack/Unpack

  • Professional Movers

  • Estate Sale

  • Donation/Trash Removal

  • Home Staging

  • Home Sale

Age In Place Services
  • Assess Needs

  • Future Planning

  • Identify Safety Concerns

  • Remove Hazards

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